Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our Thanksgiving weekend of sickness

This has definitely been the year of getting sick for me! I think I've had pretty much everything (except strep...knock on wood). It all started on Thanksgiving morning when Evan woke up with stridor and an occasional cough. I called the pedi on-call, and he suggested I take him to the ER. He ended up having croup, and they gave him a dose of steroids. Luckily, it was mild, but his breathing sounded horrible for a day or so.

Then on Sunday morning, I started feeling queasy (no, I'm not pregnant!)...and then progessively felt worse. At first I thought it was food poisoning, because when it hit, it hit me hard! I've never puked so much within a 4-hour period of time. Nate called our on-call family doctor, and she said there was a nasty and highly contagious stomach virus (gastroenteritis) going around. And then at midnight, I heard Nate puking downstairs. Ugghhh! Nate ended up losing 6 pounds, and I lost 5...not exactly the way we wanted to lose it! Though not fully recovered by any means, at least I was well enough to take care of Evan that day. We are so very grateful Evan didn't catch it.