Wednesday, February 13, 2013

26 weeks

How far along? 26 weeks, 6 days.
Weight gain: Weight is about the same (on our scale) since my OB appointment two weeks ago.
Maternity clothes? Yes. I may be graduating into some of Nate's t-shirts at night since mine are getting a little snug. And...I officially can't button my lab coat at work!
Stretch marks? No.
Sleep? Still going okay...occasional bouts of insomnia.
Best moment this week? Entering the 3rd trimester today!
Food cravings/aversions? Nothing in particular. So happy it's Girl Scout cookie season as the Samoas are satisfying my sweet tooth!
Gender? Still a girl :)
Symptoms? Heartburn! And I found out I have two cavities, most likely related to reflux/heartburn. Feeling a little more achy.
What I am looking forward to? Meeting our baby girl...about 12 more weeks to go!

24 weeks

How far along? 24 weeks, 4 days.
Weight gain: I'm up about 21 pounds (going by the starting weight of before the OHSS set in early on)
Maternity clothes? Yes.
Stretch marks? Nope.
Sleep? Not too bad.
Best moment this week? Reaching 24 weeks (milestone of viability).
Food cravings/aversions? Cravings vary. I really have a taste for oranges (the Cutie kind), but they haven't been that sweet.
Gender? Firl :)
Symptoms? Heartburn is still pretty much the leading symptom. Also having some sciatic pain which is more on the left side.
What I am looking forward to? Working on the nursery :)