Sunday, November 14, 2010

I love you, Mommy

The sweetest words ever to come out of Evan's mouth.  He melts my heart!  I love you, Evan!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Evan's 2-year stats :)

Evan's 2-year appointment went well.  We love Dr. B; unfortunately, we'll be switching in January because of insurance.  It's not a horrible thing though...he'll be going to MY pediatrician, Dr. M.  She's great!  I started going to her when we first moved to Indiana when I was about 12 or so, just when she was starting off new in a pediatric practice. 

Evan did received a few vaccines which he did not appreciate (who does?!). 

Weight:  31 lbs (75%)
Height:  34 in (45-ish%)

Evan was freaked out by the standing scale, so we had to place him on the baby scale...silly boy!


Evan was a little monkey for Halloween this year.  Found his costume at Old Navy for $10---sweet!  Last year, he wanted nothing to do with his costume as he tried to rip it off.  This year, there were no fights!  He looked so adorable!  We went to the Halloween Party at Conner Prairie on Friday, and then E and I went trick-of-treating to a few homes on our street.  What fun!  We'll have to get a little wagon for next year as Mommy's arms were tired after hauling around a 31-pound toddler and trick-or-treat basket...hahaha!

Yo Gabba Gabba birthday fun!

Evan LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba, or as he calls it, "Ga!".  It was between that and Elmo, and Gabba won!  We kept it simple, a small get-together with a few friends, godparents, etc., and it was perfect.  Not too overwhelming for Evan.  We had Jet's pizza, breadsticks, and yummy Yo Gabba Gabba cupcakes created by Sweet Ass Cupcakes.  The cupcakes were too cute!

Family pic...Evan is not a big fan of the camera:




Happy 2nd Birthday, Evan!

We love you so much!